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Creative Arts Ruler Set

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30 days money back guarantee

Do you believe in talent? Do you believe that some people are born to be artists, and others are not? We definitely stopped believing that you need talent for art as soon as we discovered the Creative Art Set! Do you dream of creating amazing art? Your moment has arrived!

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Free, light and easy creativity!

Who has never tried to draw with conventional materials and quickly became frustrated because they couldn't do a good job? With the Creative Art Rules Set, you don't need to be a professional to know how to draw!

The Creative Art Set is different...

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Magical effect

With the rulers, in addition to drawing everything you want, you can draw incredible and innovative shapes.

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Easy to use

Just apply the rulers to the drawing paper and follow the instructions for use. The rulers are safe to use for all ages.

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For all arts

It can be used to draw complex patterns, make special cards and make a special gift for the family.

Satisfied customers all over the world

When I was in school, I always wanted one of these. Now I have the opportunity to buy one for my son. How exciting!!

Roselyn M.


It's very intuitive and keeps the child entertained for hours. Even I liked playing with it.

Cliff T.


I bought it for my daughter because I wanted to encourage some skill outside of the cell phone. She loved it!!

Waverly P.


Frequent Questions

It is recommended to be given to children from 3 years old.

Our customers report that the Creative Arts are very effective in getting children away from the screen for extended periods of time.

The rulers are compatible with any pen that fits in the holes and writing/coloring pencils.


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30 days guarantee

30 days money back guarantee.

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Completely safe payment, by bank slip or credit card. Certified Process.

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